'Father, Son and the Holy Ghost'

by Priyankar Gupta

Jury Statement

Priyankar Gupta’s entry – which comprises of a graphic narrative told in comic form – stood out among the diverse entries for its nuanced storytelling.


Through well-crafted illustrations, it captures an elderly couple’s experience of the pandemic from the perspective of a father waiting for news from an absent son. His preoccupied anxiety contrasts with his wife’s absorption in routine and ritual, the resulting juxtaposition foregrounded by the antics of their pet cat. Through these deftly conceived layers of narrative, we are drawn into their world, identifying with their confusion and feeling for the many parents away from their children in these trying times. Unfolding with wry observations and dark humour, the pathos of Gupta’s story holds you in its emotional grip, even as it leaves open fissures for the reader to make her own connections. 


A haunting story, Father, Son and the Holy Ghost stays with you long after you’ve finished reading it.

Priyankar Gupta is from Kolkata, West Bengal. He lives and works in Mumbai.

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