'डोरा की डोरी' (Dora ki Dori)

by Sheetal Paul & Ishtha Kapoor

Jury Statement

Sheetal Paul and Ishta Kapoor’s Dora ki Dori makes for a sensitive narration about lockdown from the perspective of a child.


We identify with the challenges of a mother who has to invent with inventive ways to keep her child occupied – as well as the attempts of neighbours old and young, to cheer him up. There is a real, relatable quality to the scenes and interactions that play out in this story. Through simple yet nuanced depictions of an Indian neighbourhood, we come to sense the ways in which community can contribute to our own well-being as we navigate the current crisis both individually and collectively. The result is a story that is gentle, observant and deeply sensitive.


We would especially like to commend the distinctive rhythm of storytelling, which has a sensory quality of language complemented by Kapoor’s imaginative treatment of visual space. Paul has captured the sweetness of Hindi with a cadence that truly carried us away.

Sheetal Paul & Ishtha Kapoor live and work in New Delhi.

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