'मटमैला' (Muddy)

by Shubhshree Mathur

Jury Statement

The Karuna Stories Visual Storytelling Award goes to Muthhmaila (Muddy) by Shubhshree Mathur. Without directly mentioning the pandemic – or indeed its fallout – Mathur weaves a remarkable parable of a childhood full of joyful experiences of mud and play, of poignant, deep connections to the earth and her companions.


Told through the lens of a grown-up, Mathur's reflections of simpler times are captured in whimsical drawings and mellifluous song – a lyrical tale that is a pleasure to read out aloud – as we all did in the process of selecting this story. Her song is one of hope for ourselves and for our children, and that we may all one day regain the innocence we have lost through our experience of these challenging times.


For bringing us this promise of hope, and for reminding us of the small pleasures of life found in stories, songs and play, we are delighted to award Muthhmaila the first place in this competition

Shubhshree Mathur is  from Kota, Rajasthan . She lives and works in Bangalore.

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